Investigations on the Divorce of Partner Due To Illegal Affair

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Need for private investigators in divorce case

If you are getting divorce, you would definitely understand the sense of emotions and complications associated with it. At certain times, it also deals with some dangerous situations depending on the type of divorce investigation being undertaken.  A private investigator in Hyderabad is a perfect solution to handle this sort of investigations by undergoing thorough and confidential investigation.

Let’s speak to one of our representative personal and carry out friendly, professional and most importantly discreet confidential service on your personal investigation services. 

What is resulted from a divorce case out of adulterous affair?

The impact of adultery in divorce proceedings varies between states and the weight carried by allegations of adultery is different for different jurisdiction. In some states, the case ends up with custody determination, property divisions and alimony for the charges of adultery on the spouse. In many other states, disloyalty in the marriage shows some difference in the resolution of supplementary divorce matters eventually. As betrayal is daunting to be proven, many of the couples prefer undergoing a no-fault divorce proceeding, which does not call for either of the spouse to be needed to prove guilt of betrayal over the other. Private investigator in Hyderabad will help you in this regards in dealing with this kind of emotionally disturbing cases.

Infidelity as a major source

According to the jurisdiction, infidelity is accepted as a major ground for filing divorce. Though not all states offer this option, you are allowed to file a no-fault divorce which just requires submitting a lasting breakdown or clashing difference of marriage. The judge would consider the witness of adultery under no-fault case, while looking at other matters pertained to divorce, but does not want the witness of affair to grant divorce. In these cases of fault based divorce action, one partner who is filing the case must issue the witness of infidelity over other and should confirm to the satisfaction of court that adultery is the major ground of marriage breakdown. Personal investigators in Hyderabad can be employed to gather appropriate witness against


Alimony or in other words, spousal support is the amount of compensation to be rewarded by one spouse to the other in pursuit with the marital settlement agreement. It is the choice of the spouse to offer alimony either by monthly settlements or by awarding a huge sum of money all in one time.  In states that only allow no-fault divorce, the judge is likely to grant the authority to take into account the misconduct of the partner while deciding whether to award the alimony or not. In such kind of instances, the witness of infidelity prevents the unfaithful spouse from receiving alimony.

Children custody

Infidelity allegations are typically not a basis in the conflicts of children custody. However, there are certain exceptions if the untruthful affair scores a negative impact on the children. In every jurisdiction, courts are needed to take custody decisions accounting the best desires of the children. Private investigators in Hyderabad will also guide in this concerns to make things favor for their clients.


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