“Actual Facts Will Be Unveiled”

Welcome to Detective Agency Hyderabad, we are a renowned & Private Investigations firm, proving factual answers to your mind disturbing question. We also provide solution for your concern. Our professional private investigation teams are not only highly qualified, technically skilled but also and physical experienced spies with sharp presence of mind, which helps in easy decision making in tough times & protect The Client’s & The Subject’s privacy. Share your concern with us we will come up with the solutions & procedure. Our Professional team will investigate the matter on your behalf & only within your comfort zone & suitable budget. The wide range of Investigation available with us, it gives you multiple options in obtaining the result desired.

With over 10 years' extensive experience as a Private Investigator consultant, Mr Srinivas has a wealth of knowledge and experience within the Private Detective sector.

Mr Srinivas is committed in delivering the best possible Detective solutions through his varied expertise which includes, amongst other things, Pre & post martial investigations, Adultery Surveillance | Affair during divorce of spouse , Domestic & Marital problems | Drugs and other addictions | Employment history check |Ex-employee activities| Executive protection | Finger print verification | General civil criminal cases | Habits and hobbies | Handwriting verification | Information Analysis | Insurance claims investigation | Investigation for auditors| Legal assistance | Local investigations | Marital Infidelity With significant experience in the Hyderabad local market